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Arthur Rocha, Professional Award-Winning Chef

Derek is very passionate about his work, and it shows in every piece he puts together. I love his montages, and what I love even more than those, is how enjoyable it is to work with him.
Thanks Derek! LinkedIn


Julia D’Angelo, Singer / Songwriter

One of the reasons why I love working with Derek is because he is so versatile as an artist and enjoys putting that versatility to use to help you achieve your vision. I look forward to working with him again. Plus he has a really sexy bum and Olympian-level abs. Okay I may have been exaggerating about the abs thing, but trust me about the bum. Delish!


Heather Kipp, Professional Cosplay Model

Working with Derek was such a fun experience! He was very professional and enthusiastic about the work. He knows how to create an amazing shot and makes sure the subject(s) looks just as amazing too! I hope I get the change to work with him in the future. Thanks again, Derek! Instagram